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She Will Forever Be Missed

Elyse Anderson Mayberry


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Remembering Elyse

Every single moment we spent together was special. You touched the lives of so many and are deeply missed. With each passing day, the extent of your impact continues to grow. You will never be forgotten.

Born in  Queens, New York

JULY 11, 1925

Elyse left this world after a very beautiful life filled with many people that loved & cared for her. We were deeply moved and saddened by her passing and at the same time, we are eternally grateful for what we were able to experience by knowing and working with her. 


If you could describe Elyse’s life and her unique being with one word, it would be “CATS”. It was in her DNA, it was her love for animals and especially  “CATS” that brought us all together in every  way to help CATS - to get cats rescued, fostered, adopted, ferals fed, and TNR’s 

What we will all miss is her infectious smile. When Elyse smiled it made everyone happy. 


It is Elyse and that love of  CATS we all have in common  I ask us to become silent and pause for a moment for her, to remind us that we have all accomplished more than we would ever imagine possible and we have done above and beyond because one lady was there every day and that inspired us. No mewing or purring please.

Her Life


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